Diary of a Wannabe: For the Love of Redheads- Entry Six


There is a television show that I am becoming obsessed with. I won’t divulge the name, but the female lead is- what else- a redhead.

I was drawn to her for other reasons besides her hair color. He character is smart, sexy and seductive, while also vulnerable. She doesn’t portray a lesbian. The chemistry with her male counterpart is electrifying. And the sex scenes! Well, they are just mesmerizing. They go right to the edge of what is permissible on regular television. Yet, they don’t leave anything to the imagination. They are erotically charged, mingled with raw passion. I can clearly see their desire, the hunger to achieve some sense of fulfillment.

The successful execution of the sex scene could be attributed to great directing. Yet, there is a sense of reality, of living in the moment. As an observer,  I taste every kiss. I tremble among every touch.  Then there is that climatic moment.  The red- haired beauty tosses her head back, while the camera zooms in on her expression of pure ecstasy. The image is priceless.

Is it weird that I am somewhat jealous?  Oh, how I wish I could be in the room as these scenes play out.  I wonder how the show’s crew maintain their professionalism.  Do they get turned on? How do they tamper their own arousal? Would I be able to? I’d probably have to excuse myself, and go masturbate somewhere. It would be totally worth it!


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